Coins and Antiques Gallery
19th C. Chinese Carved Jade Pendant; Snake.
Persian Manuscript Page-Gilt Miniature Painting, 19th C
Superb Etched 800 Silver Box with Scroll Design.
Antique Chinese Enameled Porcelain Dish,
19th C. Fine Chinese Export Silver Plate.
German Rococo Style Silver Double-Footed Vase.
Victorian Art Glass Vase with Applied Flowers.
Antique Defensive Cane with Elephant Head Handle.
Fine Thai Silver 3-Piece Tea Set.
Antique Persian Repousse Silver Salt Shaker, 19th C. De
Chinese Enameled Porcelain Hat Stand.
Fine Carved Handle Dress Cane, Ca 1870.
Lenore Asbury, Rookwood Standard Mug,1898,
Antique English Sterling Silver Handle Dress Cane, 19th
Antique Persian porcelain Hookah, 19th C.
Large Antique Indian silver "Shiva" fluted vase.
Antique Hand Crafted Persian Silver Hookha top, 19th C.