Coins and Antiques Gallery
Early 20th C. Chinese Enameled Porcelain Teapot,
Antique Japanese Seto Ware Tray and Box.
Superb Pair of Chinese Fammile Rose Porcelain Charger,
Superb Carved Handle Cane,
Fine English Set of Silver Tea Spoon,
Set of Five Antique Japanese Sake Saucers, 19th c.
Chinese Carved Jade Gourd Pendant.
Large Indian (Jaipur School, 19th/20th C.) Painting
Japanese Carved Wood Netsuke; Toad. Meiji Pd.
Chinese 1910's Pair of Silver Cover Boxes,
Chinese Silver Cloisonne Nail Guard Pin/Brooch.
Eastern European silver Repousse Dish,
Chinese Green Peking Glass Bottle Vase.
Antique French Gilt Bronze Dresser Box, 19th C.
Antique Indian Hand Crafted Repousse Silver Tablet.
Continental .800 Silver and Etched Crystal Compote.
Antique Victorian Era Brass and Cut Glass Inkwell.
19th C. Chinese Pink Sgraffito enameled Porcelain Plate.
Antique Chinese Silver & Jade Marriage Box.
Superb Chinese Qing yellow porcelain Bowl,
19th C. Carved Handled Trio Horse Cane,
Antique European Repousse Silver Salt & Pepper Shakers,
Antique Carved Stag Dogs Cane-Ca. 1890.
19th c. Indo/Persian Miniature Painting/Manuscript page
Antique Persian Hand Crafted Silver Item, Late 19th c.
Antique Chinese Enameled Turquoise Porcelain Jar
Antique German Hand Painted Porcelain Plaque of RUTH
Nice Antique Persian Copper Bowl, 19th c.
Chinese Rose Medallion Enameled Porcelain Plate
Chinese Silver/Stingray Tail Cane-Ca. 1890.
Victorian Horn-Handled Novelty Cane/Walking Stick.
19th C. Chinese Crackle Glazed Porcelain Vase.
19th C. Persian Porcelain Hookah.
19th c. Superb Bronze Figure,
American Sterling Mounted Brown Leather Jewel Box.
Antique Japanese Cloisonne Dress Cane, 19th C.