Coins and Antiques Gallery
Large Antique Indian silver "Shiva" fluted vase.
Nice Antique Persian Copper Bowl, 19th c.
Persian Manuscript Page-Miniature Painting, 19th C.
Fine Chinese White Glazed Porcelain Brush Pot
19th c. Indo/Persian Miniature Painting/Manuscript page
Antique Sterling Silver Card Case 19th C
19th C. Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Candle Sticks,
Chinese Carved Grayish-White Jade Covered Urn.
On Hold
Fine Wallace Sterling Silver Flask
Antique Folk Art Monkey Cane-Ca. 1880.
American Sterling Mounted Brown Leather Jewel Box.
Antique Japanese Cloisonne Dress Cane, 19th C.
19th C. Chinese Crackle Glazed Porcelain Vase.
19th C. Carved Handled Trio Horse Cane,
19th C. Persian Porcelain Hookah.
Chinese Silver/Stingray Tail Cane-Ca. 1890.
Antique Hand Crafted Persian Silver Hookha, 19th C.
Chinese Rose Medallion Enameled Porcelain Plate
Antique European Repousse Silver Salt Cellar, 19th C.
Antique Chinese Enameled Turquoise Porcelain Jar
Antique German Hand Painted Porcelain Plaque of RUTH
Antique Persian Hand Crafted Silver Item, Late 19th c.
Antique Persian porcelain Hookah, 19th C.
Japanese Carved Wood Netsuke; Karako.
19th C. Chinese Gray Hetian Jade Belt Buckle.
Antique Set of Repousse Sterling Silver Set, 19th c.
19th C. Japanese Leather Tobacco Pouch.
19th c Chinese Export Imari Charger,
19th C.Chinese Natural Hetian Jade Dragon Belt Buckle.
Antique Hand Crafted Persian Silver Hookha, 19th C.
Antique Mughal Rock Crystal-Hilted Khangar Dagger.
19th C. Indian Mughal Jade Handle Dagger
Fine Persian Marquetry Khatamkari-work Mirror, 19th C.
Chinese Enameled Porcelain Bowl.
Superb Burmese Repousse Silver Box.