Coins and Antiques Gallery
Impressive Sterling Silver Dresser Items; Box & Tray
Fine Japanese Carved Antler Netsuke, Meiji Pd
19th c. Superb Bronze Figure,
Chinese Enameled Porcelain Hat Stand.
Japanese Carved Wood Lotus Pod Netsuke,
An Indo/Persian Khangar Dagger
Antique Chinese Blue Monochromatic Porcelain Vase,
Antique Fisher & Mieg Porcelain Plaque, 19th C.
Antique Chinese Silver Cloisonne Nail Guard Pin/Brooch.
19th C. Chinese Porcelin Brush Washer.
19th C. Chinese Silver Basket,
19th c. Parian Portrait Busts.
19th C. Chinese Tianhuang Seals w/ Animal,
On Hold
Large Chinese Porcelain Brushpot,
Fine Chinese Jadeite Pendant; Dragon.
Antique Sino-Tibetan Gilded Cast Figure of Buddha.
Antique European Repousse Silver Salt Shaker, 19th C.
Fine Chinese Carved Agate Pendant.