Coins and Antiques Gallery
Fine Persian Marquetry Khatamkari-work Mirror, 19th C.
Antique Set of Repousse Sterling Silver Set, 19th c.
19th C. Chinese Enameled Porcelain Hat Stand.
Two Antique Horn Tobacco, Snuff Box, 19th C.
Pair of Antique African Carved Figures, 19th, c.
Superb Burmese Repousse Silver Box.
Antique German Hand Painted Porcelain Plaque of RUTH
Antique Hand Crafted Persian Silver Hookha, 19th C.
American Sterling Mounted Brown Leather Jewel Box.
Fine Chinese Qing Yellow Porcelain Bowl,
Antique Japanese Carved Stag Antler Netsuke, Oni.
Early 19th C. Persian Shamshir. 1821
Superb Persian Saber Shamshir, Late 18th C.
Antique Persian copper Bowl, 18th C.
Persian Manuscript Page-Miniature Painting, 18th C.
Chinese Mandarin Enameled Porcelain Milk Beaker, 1780'S
Wonderful English antique Silver Dish, Ear 18th C.