Coins and Antiques Gallery
Chinese Carved Seated Emperor,
Chinese Celadon Jade Pendant,
Pair of Antique Chinese Enameled Porcelain Bowls.
Antique Hand Crafted Indian Silver Tea Pot,19t C.
Indian Hand Crafted Sterling Silver Dish, Ear 20th C.
Fabulous Antique Bronze Dog Sculpture, Earl 20th c.
Antique Hand Painted Porcelain Plaque.
Incredible Miniature Bronze Figure, Early 20th c.
Chinese Carved Jade Qilin.
German Porcelain Plate
Chinese Carved Jade Toggle.
Antique Persian Hand Crafted silver Dish, 19th c.
Stag Snake Cake- Ca. Early 20th century
Japanese Meiji Period Articulated Carved Ivory/Bone Crayfish.
Pair of Chinese Enameled Porcelain Bowls.
Fabulous Bronze Figure, Early 20th c.
Antique Silver Panther Dress Cane-Ca. 1910.
Beautiful Chinese Carved Huangyang Wood Brush Pot.