Coins and Antiques Gallery
Antique Victorian Era Brass and Cut Glass Inkwell.
Antique Victorian Leather Travel Inkwell, 19th C.
French Opera Glasses Marked Lemaire Fabt, Paris, 19th C
Antique Japanese Cloisonne Dress Cane, 19th C.
Striking Antique German silver Inkstand, 19th c.
19th c. European Walking Stick/Cane,
Antique English Sterling Silver Handle Dress Cane, 19th
Fine Carved Handle Dress Cane, Ca 1870.
Fine Silver Inlaid Dress Cane, Ca 1890.
Fine Carved Abalone & Silver Dress Cane, Late 19th C.
19th C. Carved Handled Trio Horse Cane,
A Compass Inset Horn and Mahogany Cane/Walking Stick,
Superb Carved Handle Cane,
American Sterling Silver Handled Cane.
Japanese Silver Mascot Dragon Cane-Ca. 1890
English Silver Handled Cane/Walking Stick.
English Silver & Horn Handled Cane, Ca 1911.
Two Gold-Filled Dress Canes - Ca. 1900.