Primitive and
Exceptional Indra Triad, Gilt Copper, Nepal, Newar, 15th/16th Century
Important Statue of Avalokiteshvara, Cambodia, Khmer, Ca. 13th C.
Important Statue of Sadaksari Avalokitesvara, Tibet, 16th C.
Important & Rare Death Mask, Liao Dynasty
Ancient Bhairava Mask, Nepal, 17th C.
Important Jade Bi, China, Han Dynasty Period
Rare Gilt Bronze Citipati Mask, Tibet, 18th Century
Rare Adorned Human Skull, Borneo Island, Dayak Peoples
Important Himalayan Goitre Mask
Gilt Bronze Statue of Buddha, Tibet, Ca. 17th C.
Important Head Of A Centurion, 18th century
Important Mask of Mahakala, Bhutan or Tibet, 18th C.
Important Himalayan Mask, 18th C.
Important Head Of An Apostle, 18th century
Rare Orang-Outang Adorned Skull, Dayak Peoples
Ancient "Nuo" Theater Mask, China, 18th C.
Important Helmet Mask, Ekoi Peoples, early 20th C.
Ancient Mask of Defender of the Faith, Himalayan Region