Primitive and
Bronze Belt Buckle, Burma, Early 19th C.
Architectural Element, India, Early 19th C.
Important "Nuo" Mask of General Guanyu, China, Early 19th C.
Himalayan Statue of a Female Protector.
Statue of Protector, Himalaya, Early 20th C.
Ancient Statue of Himalayan Protector, 19th C.
Head of a Man, Gandhara, Ca. 3rd C.
Bronze Belt Buckle, Burma, 18th C.
Relief Fragment, Gandhara Period, Ca. 3rd C.
Statue of Padmapani, Gandhara, Ca. 1st to 3rd C.
Head of Buddha, Thai Ayuthaya Period
Important Indo-Persian Beaker or Tobacco Box
Important Statue of Buddha, Tang Dynasty
Ancient "Nuo" Theater Mask, China, 18th C.
Statue of Buddha, Dvaravati Period, Ca. 9th C.
Miniature Buddhist Statue of a Guardian Deity, China, Tang Dynasty
Ritual Drum, Tibet, 19th C.
Gilt Bronze Applique, China, Liao Dynasty