Primitive and
A Pair of Tibetan Tantric Paintings, Early 19th C.
A Pair of Statues of Taoist Deities, Qing Dynasty
A Pair of Small Porcelain Vases, Qing Dynasty
A Pair of Small Jars, Jade, China, Qing Dynasty
A Pair of Ogboni Society Edan
A Pair of Gilt Bronze Belt Plates, China, Liao Dynasty
A Pair of Gilt Bronze Appliques, China, Liao Dynasty
Anthropomorphic Figurine, China, Warring States Period
Anthropomorphic Dance Crest, Nigeria, Idoma Peoples
"An Introduction to Tantric Buddhism" by S.B. Dasgupta
Ancient Statue of Himalayan Protector, 19th C.
Ancient "Nuo" Theater Mask, China, 18th C.
Ancient Mask of Defender of the Faith, Himalayan Region
Ancient India Bulletin, Nos 18 & 19, Years 1962 & 1963
Ancient India Bulletin, No 9, Year 1953
Ancient India Bulletin, No 8, Year 1952
Ancient India Bulletin, No 7, January 1951
Ancient India Bulletin, No 5, January 1949