Primitive and
Sutra Book Cover, Tibet, 15th C.
Rare Fire Lighting Implement, Philippines
"Nuo" Theater Mask of Heshang, Early 19th C.
Small Statue of Buddha, Tibet, 18th C.
Architectural Element, Nepal, 15th/16th C.
Portable Buddhist Altar, Wei Dynasty
Small Statue of Bhairava, Tibet, Early 19th C.
Statue of Hanuman, India, 19th C.
Small Jain Statue of Ambika, India, 16th C.
Statue of Bodhisattva Manjusri, China, Ming Dynasty
Small Stela to Bhairava Nepal, Ca. 15th C.
Small Hindu Deity Head, India, 16th C.
Ritual Bell, India, 18th C.
Bust of A Dignitary, India, 18th C.
A Pair of Small Porcelain Vases, Qing Dynasty
Rare Relief of Vishnu, Nepal, Ca. 17thC.
Tibetan Flint & Tinder Pouch, 18th C.
Tibetan Snuff Bottle, 18th C.