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Dalia Geguziene
Santa Monica
Thank you for visiting my online art gallery. You will find a wide array of affordable, decorative paintings, prints, and drawings for your home, office, or even your second home. Many works will be listed, known artists, and I normally try to provide biographical information on those artists. Feel free to call and email me. For larger items, you might wish to contact me regarding shipping options and offers; sometimes there are ways to lower costs, which we can discuss.
Ada Suina StoryTeller Cochiti Pottery Figurine 4 children
CESAR BUENAVENTURA impressionist oil painting Filipino artist
W. Stokes watercolor painting young lady Gibson girl style
Kawase Hasui woodblock print Late Autumn Rain Nanzenji Kyoto
Thomas B. Griffin American artist Hudson River landscape painting
Durval Pereira (1917-1984) Brazilian artist landscape painting
Betty Hay Freeland of Pioneer Inn Hotel, Lahaina, Hawaii painting
Watercolor painting in Art Deco style nude woman
Marcel-Adolphe Bain (1878-1937) Oil landscape painting
Jean Cocteau 1977 "Faun" exhibition poster
Graciela Rodo Boulanger Bolivian listed artist etching
Donald "Putt" Putman (1926 - 2007) watercolor painting
Leo Jansen red hair nude oil painting
A. Wonink Surrealist still life painting
Robert Weil
Colorful modern Italian painting woman bird nest hat
Oskar Skuskis (1909-1978) Latvian artist house painting
Queen Holden “Jimmy” young blond child gouache painting