David Anthony
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Bronze : Pre 1900 item #1492045
David Anthony
The superbly modeled alligator head jaw moves on its hinged mouth when its lever is pushed. The head is emerging from from marshy grasses waiting to catch its prey. The alligator is mounted on ebonized oval support which is held by a gilt bronze rococo plinth.

Overall condition is very good to near excellent though the gilt patination shows minor losses or fading. The base is late 18th / early 19th C. though the alligator dates later in the century. In fact, this figure may not be s...
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Ceramics : English : Pre 1900 item #1492039
David Anthony
Collectors of Staffordshire rarities will want to consider this example of John Milton, originally paired with the rare William Shakespeare figure.

The large molded figure attired in breeches, stockings, waist coat, and cape, standing with left arm draped over a book topped column with scroll beneath, and holding an open book in right hand, the whole on an oval gilt lined base. The ceramic figure dates to around 1860.

Condition is good though it suffers from crazing, mi...
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Bronze : Pre 1960 item #1492038
David Anthony
A vintage Chinese bronze Buddhist Bodhisattva in a serene pose holding an object in his hands. He is incised with scrolls and good luck symbols, crowned and bejeweled, sitting atop a lotus encircled base. The large size makes an imposing presence and companion.

Condition is generally good though tarnish, patina losses, and small damage exists at the back of the sculpture where it meets the base from which the sculpture is separate. My speculation is that treasure seekers removed the...
David Anthony
1925 Peace Dollar
Almost Uncirculated
Grader - Dealer

Key points - PEACE is clearly visible without material wear
- 3 rows of feathers are quite evident
- Flattening of hair strands above eye but rearward spikes still separated
- Some flattening of hair knot

Real Constitutional money.
Sale subject to silver price check during volatile silver prices.
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Ceramics : English : Pottery : Pre 1900 item #1491093
David Anthony
Although Adderley is often credited by sellers as the maker of all Blue Chelsea series of table wares, the truth is that it was produced by many makers. This coffee pot is unmarked but clearly a fine Staffordshire example.

Our coffee pot sits on a hexagonal foot whose shaping continues in the body of the pot. It is sparsely decorated in the much beloved Blue Chelsea Sprig motif on a cream body. These coffee pots are among the more difficult of the pieces to find, especially from the...
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Ceramics : English : Pottery : Pre 1900 item #1491091
David Anthony
A mulberry transfer English Staffordshire plate in the Athens pattern by William Adams & Sons made c. 1850. The inking is crisp and sharp, even on the backside as evidenced by the clear registry mark. The shape has 14 edges. Adams was one of the longest lived potters in England, operating as late as the 1990s.

Condition is Excellent.

Dimensions (inches)
Diameter: 9 1/8
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Nostalgia : Advertising : Pre 1920 item #1491090
David Anthony
This glorious pitcher featuring the mascot of The Sleepy Eye Flour Mill Company was among the popular promotional items given to customers of its flour. Decorated in the round, the pitcher includes tee-pees and trees.

Condition is Very Good, suffering from age toning and crazing. There are no cracks or chips.

Dimensions (inches)
Height: 9
Width: 9
Depth: 3 3/4
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Ephemera : Maps : Pre 1800 item #1491088
David Anthony
A copper engraved print from The Modern Universal British Traveler published around 1779. It is hand colored and matted.

Condition is fine to very fine. A plastic sleeve protects the print.

Dimensions (matted, inches)
Height: 11 1/2
Width: 15
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Ephemera : Maps : Pre 1800 item #1491083
David Anthony
John Owen and Emanuel Bowen created innovative road maps in the early 18th C greatly aiding travelers of the day, whose publication spanned 1720-1764, titled Britannia Depicta.

This map is from pages 207/208, double-sided, and whose primary view is of Lincoln / Grimsby. The map features a coat of arms and covers Lincoln, Market Rasen and Grimsby.

This hand colored example is matted and believed to be in fine or very fine condition.

Dimensions (matted, inche...
David Anthony
Morgan Dollar 1883 New Orleans (O) NGC Graded AU55.

This coin came from the famous Lincoln Fitzgerald collection which consisted of a cache of over 100,000 silver dollars, 10,000 of which were properly graded by NGC.

90 percent silver Constitutional money.
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Wood : Pre 1900 item #1491080
David Anthony
This antique Chinese wood carving in rosewood depcits a mother and her cub with crisp and realistic detail.

Condition is excellent with dating to mid 19th C.

Dimensions (inches)
Height: 5 3/4
Width: 7 1/2
Depth: 6
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Glass : American : Art Glass : Pre 1920 item #1491068
David Anthony
A fine Tiffany Favrile toothpick holder in iridescent gold and amethyst hues, dimpled sides. The underside is marked T 2365 and L. C. T. Early 20th C.

Height: 1 7/8 inch
Width: 1 3/8"
Depth: 1 3/8"
David Anthony
1849 Braided Hair Large Cent with brown/red tone. The coin is dirty and appears brown but brighter color is seen outside dirty areas.

Grade Very Fine by dealer. Held in white cardboard holder with cellophane window.
David Anthony
1855 Seated Liberty Quarter, Philadelphia mint, No Motto. White, cellophane window coin holder.

Grade Very Fine - my interpretation

The white on the obverse is a piece of lint.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Specialty : Pre 2000 item #1490915
David Anthony
This majolica strawberry server is a reproduction of the George Jones classic produced c. 1875. It features 2 parakeets atop a trellis eating berries. Vines, leaves, and berries wrap around the poles, with 2 buckets for cream and sugar.

Condition is Excellent. Dating is probably mid to late 20th C. Retail value for an authentic item is 6000-9000 dollars.

Dimensions (inches)
Wdith: 15 1/2
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Ceramics : German : Porcelain : Pre 1900 item #1490913
David Anthony
A marvelous pair of Dresden or Old Paris porcelain candlesticks with carefully painted cherubs holding to each nozzle while upholding while perched on stumps. The winged characters are draped with modesty scarves which swirl around the sticks. The quatrefoil bases are embellished with gold and encrusted with pink flowers.

The slightly brassy gilding cause me to date these beautiful candlesticks as early as 1880 since they are unmarked, to as late as 1910. They are complex pieces whi...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Memorabilia : Sports : Autographs : Pre 2000 item #1490912
David Anthony
Football great Jim Taylor (1935-2018), star player for the legendary 1960s Green Bay Packers, signed this 8 x 10 inch photograph Good Luck, Jim Taylor, HOF 1976. His extensive Wikipedia page gives a full account of his career and achievements. Framed in gold

Condition is excellent and bears a certificate of authenticity on the back.

Dimensions (framed)
Height: 14 1/2 inch
Width: 11 1/2 inch
All Items : New Century : Folk Art : Pre 2000 item #1490910
David Anthony
This ebullient hand carved Oaxacan Alebrije model of an armadillo will give delight for years to come. Its artist made use of traditional Mexican bright colors to make this armadillo pop. Purple and turquoise dominate but yellows and reds complete the ensemble. Signed Rocio R on the belly.

Condition is Excellent.

Height 3 5/8 inch
Width: 2 5/8 inch
Depth: 11 1/4 inch