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Delaplane Antiques
A well-executed watercolor of a tightly grouped bouquet of flowers. This may be a theorem made with stencils, though this painting looks as if it was done freehand. Theorems were more often stenciled on velvet. The style is of the mid-19th century. It could be either American or English. The frame is a good one of that period. The painting was almost certainly in an oval frame originally and the slight shadow around it is evidence of that frame...
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Delaplane Antiques
Mason Wells American 1906-1984 large watercolor on paper of a figure of a woman walking on the deck of a passenger liner with the funnel and other parts of the vessel. Painted over pencil. On the back is written, “MASON WELLS/ maybe/ S.S. Berengaria/ when Student at/ Harvard.” Sight size 20 ¾ by 13 ¾ inches. Frame 28 by 20 ¾ inches.

Condition. Excellent. Frame has minor knocks. New acid free backing.

Old framing label shows it was framed in San Francisco. S.S...

All Items : Fine Art : Drawings : Pre 1837 VR item #1320926 (stock #TBD00198)
Delaplane Antiques
A pencil sketch of Glendalough county Wicklow Ireland with a strong attribution to the British artist Edward Lear (1812-1888). Drawn with pencil on bluish heavy laid paper with ink, ink washes, touches of white gouche and faded washes of green. In 1835 Lear visited Ireland, one of his early trips as he turned from bird illustration to landscape. The party he traveled with visited Glendalough. During his life Lear saved his sketches and it was not until the 1920’s that they were available...
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Delaplane Antiques
An unsigned watercolor on heavy textured white drawing paper of corn ricks and pumpkins on a gentle slope with blue sky above and hills in the distance. It is well executed with the focus carried to the rick in the front by the use of details there and looser painting in other parts of the watercolor. The bowl done on the backside of the page also shows the artists quality. The bowl seems to clearly indicate that the work was done in the earlier part of the 20th century...
All Items : Fine Art : Drawings : Pre 1837 VR item #1314069 (stock #TBD00182)
Delaplane Antiques
A watercolor on paper of a castle on the water with a boat and three women walking on the shingle in the foreground, a row boat on the water and the castle in the distance against the sky. John Varley (1778-1842) was an English watercolorist who painted a large quantity of small watercolors including other versions of Conway castle. There are numerous other watercolors that are attributed to him, but probably not by him...
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Delaplane Antiques
A pastel of the river Seine in Paris with the top of a building in the distance over leafy trees and a barge passing through the arch of a bridge by the American born Louis Orr who spent much of his life in Paris. This in a nice example of his work in a new mat and frame. Sight size of pastel 12 by 16 inches (30 by 40 cm) frame size 19 3/8 by 23 3/8 inches (49 by 59 cm).

Condition: Excellent with acid free mat and backing.

All Items : Fine Art : Drawings : Pre 1940 item #1296988 (stock #TDB00173)
Delaplane Antiques
A nice watercolor portrait of a young man, probably in his mid-teens, signed, “Elinor M. Barnard/1933.” The young man with brown hair and eyes wearing an open necked white shirt leans into the picture plane with a sense of youthful eagerness. Elinor Barnard (1872-1942) was born and studied in the UK, but worked mostly in the USA, principally New York City. She has a relaxed and economical style. Sight size 16 3/8 by 12 ¼ inches. Overall with frame, 23 ¾ by 19 3/8 inches...
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Delaplane Antiques
Costigan, John Edward American (1888-1972) large watercolor of a brook surrounded by trees some turning red and orange with the season. Watercolor and gouache on textured paper. Signed lower right, “J.E. Costigan N.A.” On the back in the upper left in pencil, “Brook- Autumn/ by John E. Costigan N.A.” and in the upper right, “Orangeburg N.Y.” Size, 20 7/8 by 25 7/8 inches.

Excellent condition in a good frame with linen liner...