Dynasty Collections features 18th and 19th Century Chinese Porcelains
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English Victorian Side Chair with light blue fabric, splat with two side posts and curved top rail, side stretchers. Size: 41" high x 22" wide x 20" deep
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These exquisite Edwardian mahogany armchairs are intricately inlaid with ivory and veneer. The top rail ends in a scroll at each end with a delicately inlaid scrolled motif. The beautifully pierced central splat is with an elongated and slightly curved design within a semi-circular form that is further enhanced by finely inlaid ivory and veneer. The side stiles angle out at a sharp point on each side, the cabriole legs with pad feet are inlaid on the hips, while the rear legs are slightly curved,the top of the curved arms terminate with an inlaid scrolled motif. English (1901-1910) Height: 36” x 22 ½” wide x 21 ½” deep (height seat 16” W/O cushion)
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Dynasty Collections
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Elegant 18th century secretary finely inlaid with satinwood marquetry. The top has a scrolled pediment inlaid with a stylized floral design at the end of each scroll, inlaid border across the top, glass doors with a hexagonal wood design. The interior upper cabinet, back and sides with 1 ¼” slats for three adjustable shelves are all of oak, the secondary wood. The lower case has a drop-down desk front with a beautiful large inlaid satinwood stylized floral motif, two smaller interior drawers and two longer drawers have inlaid borders, metal plaque with an inscription of the donor St. Margarets, Ipswich and donee Miss Garrat, dated 1895. Size: 87 ½” high (Upper Case 31 ½”wide x 9” deep) (Lower Case 33” wide x 20” deep) (222.3 x 83.8 x 50.8 cm)