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Han Dynasty
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EL Gallery specializes in quality antiques, collectibles and works of art from different locations. We offer collectors, connoisseurs, as well as the new beginners a wide selection of quality collections. Traveling extensively, we search locally and abroad to secure exclusive pieces, as well as to keep in touch with clients and collectors on the current market conditions
Qing Dynasty
One of our fine pieces

Fine early 17th century, Ming Dynasty, Chinese export Kraak porcelain plate. Measure about 30.3 cm (13") in diameter. On the rim and the shallow curved sides, there are eight panels enclosing a single stalk of sunflower motif, alternates with large and simply drawn sacred emblems. The central motif is shaped like a medallion enclosing a scene of a court official with a child in the garden. There are chatter marks and sand grits that adheres to the base of the plate.