Asian ethnic minority artifacts textiles, tribal arts, primitive Asian Ethnic Artifacts
I will be out internet range and out of the country from Nov 29 to Dec 14 2019. Any questions or purchases will be handled after I return.

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Antique Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority Silver Hair Pin
Antique Chinese lacquer tea tray with mother of pearl
Chinese womans silk embroidered headband Kingfisher
Large Japanese Inlayed Marquetry MOP Woman's Jewelry Box
Silk embroidered rondel from 19th Cent Chinese Robe
Antique Chinese box with inkstone and abacus Qing
Antique Chinese Bamboo Vest
Antique Chinese unusual stone carved inkstone
Large Korean Horn Calligraphy Artists Paint Brush
Antique Chinese pair of red quilted lotus shoes
Antique Chinese collapsing wood and bamboo double pillow Qing Dynasty
Antique Chinese traditional gentleman's silk hat
Antique Chinese hand carved wooden bobbins
Chinese silk embroidery single sleeve band
Antique Chinese Silk Embroidered Lady's Hat
Pair of Antique Chinese Lotus Shoes Hand-me-downs
Antique Chinese Beaded shoe parts
Antique Chinese childrens headband embroidered cat face
Qing Dy Chinese Silk Embroidered Childrens Wind Hat
Antique Chinese Ethnic Minority silver necklace bib
Two Antique Chinese Folding Shaving Razors
Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority baby carrier
Antique Chinese child's embroidered matching cat hat and shoes
Chinese antique hand carved wooden lacquered spoons
Chinese Yi Ethnic Minority young girls jacket
Antique Chinese hand carved bone Toggle
Yi Chinese Ethnic Minority small girls shirt
Antique Chinese hand carved long handled brush and back scratcher
Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority Embroidered Festival Apron
small round Chinese Bronze Mirror
Antique Chinese silk embroidered Wedding Skirt Qing Dynasty
Antique Chinese pair small hand carved wooden shoes
Chinese Yi Ethnic Minority Embroidered Bride's Cock Hat
Antique Chinese Ethnic Minority Miao Child cloud collar
Antique Chinese Lavender Lotus Shoes
Antique Chinese Traditional silk textile decoration