Asian ethnic minority artifacts textiles, tribal arts, primitive Asian Ethnic Artifacts
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Japanese silk drawstring embroidered purse
Meiji Period Japanese silk Brocade Maru obi
Chinese ethnic minority Miao baby carrier
Chinese Ethnic Minority Miao Womans embroidered boots
Miao Chinese Ethnic Minority Panel from 100 Bird Coat
Uzbekistan quilted silk Ikat Robe
Tribal Woman's face cover from Saudi Arabia
Woman silk headband w large kingfisher feather ornament
Antique Chinese silk embroidered rondel
old pair of Chinese handmade man's boots
Chinese Ethnic Minority Miao small embroidered purse
Chinese Miao Minority red silk embroidered Childs Hat
Antique Chinese Yi Ethnic Minority Womans Cock Hat
Antique Chinese Bamboo Vest
Chinese womans silk embroidered headband Kingfisher
Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty silk embroidered skirt
Chinese Antique pair small bands of silk embroidery
Zhuang Ethnic Minority Silk Embroidered Baby Carrier