Asian ethnic minority artifacts textiles, tribal arts, primitive Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Meiji Period Japanese silk Brocade Maru obi
Japanese silk Haori
Antique Chinese child's embroidered matching cat hat and shoes
Antique Japanese Marquetry box
Antique Japanese embroidered panel
Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Hair cap
Antique Tibetan Buddhist Gau Silver Repousse
Vintage Australian aboriginal Mulga wood Boomerang
Meigi Period hair sticks
Antique Tibetan wood Cremation box
Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty silk embroidered skirt
Chinese Door of Hope Doll Farmer Straw Raincoat
Burmese Lacquered Buddhist Sutra or Scripture Box
Antique Chinese Male and Female Wooden fertility dolls
Antique Chinese Ethnic Minority silver necklace bib
Chinese Door of Hope woman doll
Very Fine Japanese signed small tabletop screen Makie
antique Japanese carved wooden Noh theater mask