Asian ethnic minority artifacts textiles, tribal arts, primitive Asian Ethnic Artifacts
I will be out internet range and out of the country from Aug 30 to Sept 13 2019. Any questions or purchases will be handled after I return.

Siamese cast metal kneeling male in court attire
Antique Tibetan Buddhist Priest Carved Horn Rattle
Antique Chinese carved wooden box with dragon
Wooden Burmese Temple Buddha with Khmer Script
Burmese Betel Nut Box Set with Black and gold lacquer
Hand carved Antique wood frame with Lithograph of Summer Palace
Antique pair Chinese red cat face shoes for small child
Large Southeast Asian Burmese Carved Bamboo Buddha
Tibetan Buddhist Tsakli painting card writting on back
Chinese Ethnic Minority Miao girl's Festival Jacket
Antique Chinese calligraphy sayings carved wooden signs
Pashtun Woman Headdress beaded embroidered India
Antique large Chinese carved wooden mask
Chinese carved wooden printing inkblock Fu Lu Shou
Antique Tibetan Buddhist Leather Amulet bronze Buddha
Chinese Manchurian Village well water bucket mid Qing
Antique Meiji Japanese Parquet Marquetry lady's Jewelry dressing box
Antique Chinese carved wooden lacquer carving 2