Asian ethnic minority artifacts textiles, tribal arts, primitive Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Meiji Girls Day Hina small pair Archers
Antique Buddhist Sutra Book from Ceylon Sri Lanka
antique Indo Persian metal ornate damascene box
Boxed set of 6 Japanese Lacquer sushi serving trays
Antique Japanese Maru Brocade Obi
set of 3 Meiji period Japanese Hina dolls
Antique Chinese hand carved bone toggles
Antique Tibetan Necklace Bronze with coral turquoise
Antique Japanese carpenters wooden tool Sumi-tsubo
Antique Japanese treebark lacquerware box
antique Tibetan flint strike pouch
Chinese Door of Hope woman doll
Chinese ethnic minority Miao baby carrier from Anshun
African Yoruba Tribal Beaded Crown
Large Emperor and Empress Hina Dolls signed
Meiji Girls Day Hina Dolls set of 5 small musicians
Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority silver foo dog necklace
Chinese Ethnic Minority large hand-carved wooden comb