Asian ethnic minority artifacts textiles, tribal arts, primitive Asian Ethnic Artifacts
I will be out internet range and out of the country from Nov 29 to Dec 14 2019. Any questions or purchases will be handled after I return.

Pair Antique Chinese red lotus shoes bound feet
Indo Persian repousse metal bowl
Hand carved wooden sandals from India
Tibetan Buddhist Tsakli painting card writting on back
Chinese matching pair of beaded fabric strips
Antique Chinese Traditional Han Woman's Surcoat Robe
Set of 4 antique Chinese hand carved wood tea saucers
Antique southeast Asian Hilltribe tattoo needle tool
Antique Chinese carved coconut cups
Pair of Male and Female Antique Chinese Opera Dolls
Antique Chinese small tray inlay of Mother of Pearl
Antique Tibetan Festival belt ornament Hook
Antique Chinese tinted spectacles tortoise shell rims
Antique Chinese hand carved wooden bobbins
Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Child silk top with embroidered rondel
Nepal mythical creature intricate metal enanal work
Traditional Indonesian ornate fan of hide and horn
Antique Chinese Kossu textile scroll of famous painting