Asian ethnic minority artifacts textiles, tribal arts, primitive Asian Ethnic Artifacts
I will be out internet range and out of the country from Nov 29 to Dec 14 2019. Any questions or purchases will be handled after I return.

Antique Chinese calligraphy sayings carved wooden signs #2
Small Chinese cloisonne square tray
Antique large Chinese carved wooden mask
Qing Antique Chinese carved shoe horn
Pair of Antique Chinese silk embroidered sleeve panels
Antique Chinese ornately carved pedestal with mirror
Tall Antique Chinese Carved Bamboo Brush Pot
Set of 3 Antique Chinese rural peasant oil lamps
Antique Chinese silver Oil Lamp engraved cover
3 Antique Chinese Minority childrens pinafore collars
Chinese Medical Officer's Ink Stone Box
Antique Chinese small lacquered wood seated nobleman
Antique Chinese Lacquer Buddhist Alter Cup
Antique Chinese hunters cartridge and gun powder flask
Antique Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority Silver Hair Pin
Antique Chinese carved wooden box with dragon
Antique Chinese 4 Vol set Medical Books FuQingZhu
Charming Antique detailed model of Japanese teahouse
Antique Chinese carved wooden pillow head rest
Large Antique Chinese carved bamboo incense holder
Antique Chinese child's embroidered matching cat hat and shoes
Antique Chinese childrens headband embroidered cat face
Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority Embroidered Festival Apron
Silk embroidered rondel from 19th Cent Chinese Robe
Rare Antique Pair Chinese leggings worn with Lotus shoe
Yi Chinese Ethnic Minority small girls shirt
antique chinese pair of lotus shoes blue quilted
Antique Chinese Tortoise shell Trousse knife chopsticks
Chinese Door of Hope Doll Farmer Straw Raincoat
Antique Chinese Woman's Suede Fan Case with tassels
Chinese Manchurian Village well water bucket mid Qing
Antique Chinese Lavender Lotus Shoes
Small Antique carved wood polychrome horseman figure
Tibetan Flint Pouch strike-a-light with coral bead
Antique Chinese large painted kitchen basket used for rice storage
Chinese carved wooden printing inkblock Fu Lu Shou