Asian ethnic minority artifacts textiles, tribal arts, primitive Asian Ethnic Artifacts
I will be out internet range and out of the country from Aug 30 to Sept 13 2019. Any questions or purchases will be handled after I return.

Tibetan Buddhist Tsakli painting card writting on back
Antique Tibetan leather coin pouch
Rare Antique Tibetan snuff bottle
Large Antique Tibetan turquoise Pendant
Antique Hand carved hard wood Juicer from India
Large Elaborate Coral Beaded Tibetan Collar Breastplate
Antique Tibetan festival decorative leather purse
Tibetan embroidered Hair Braid cover worn for festival
Antique Tibetan Bronze Talisman Amulet in Leather case
Antique Lost Wax Cast figure from Orissa India
Large Antique Festival Parade Drum from Nepal
Antique Tibetan Copper Reposse Gau
Antique large Embroidery Panel from India Pakistan
Childs Antique Tibetan robe festival back accessory
Antique Tibetan Necklace Bronze with coral turquoise
Antique Tibetan Buddhist Sutra w carved wooden covers
Antique Round Tibetan Buddhist Gau Silver Repousse
Antique Tibetan Buddhist Gau Silver Repousse