Asian ethnic minority artifacts textiles, tribal arts, primitive Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Antique Mongolian Iron oil lamp candle stand 25" tall
antique Tibetan flint strike pouch
Antique India SWAT Valle;y bag purse embroidered
antique Tibetan womans festival purse ornament
Antique Buddhist Sutra Book from Ceylon Sri Lanka
Anglo Indian Visagapatam stone tile MOP TajMahal inlay
Nepal mythical creature intricate metal enanal work
Antique Hand carved hard wood Juicer from India
Tibetan Buddhist Tsakli painting card writting on back
Antique Tibetan Buddhist Sutra w carved wooden covers
Antique large Embroidery Panel from India Pakistan
Antique Tibetan Bronze Talisman Amulet in Leather case
Antique Tibetan bone prayer beads with amber and coral
Antique Tibetan Buddhist Priest Carved Horn Rattle
Antique Tibetan matching pair of burl wood footed tea bowls
Indo Persian repousse metal bowl
Large Antique Tibetan turquoise Pendant
Antique Tibetan carved wooden Priest Mask