Asian ethnic minority artifacts textiles, tribal arts, primitive Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Very Fine Japanese signed small tabletop screen Makie
Antique Edo Period Japanese Lacquer tree cutting tool
Meiji Period Japanese silk Brocade Maru obi
Musha ningyo warrior dolls Empress Jingo & her minister
Meiji Girls Day Hina Dolls set of 5 small musicians
Meiji Girls Day Hina Dolls small Emperor and Empress
Pair of antique Japanese hand cut nails with escutcheon
Large Japanese Inlayed Marquetry MOP Woman's Jewelry Box
Musha Ningyo Japanese Doll Shoki the Demon Queller
Edo Japanese tobacco box lacquerware horn toggle
Burlwood signed Noh theatre mask netsuke
Antique Japanese paper folding fan early Meiji late Edo
Antique Japanese Okimono carved wooden figure Tenjin
Large meiji period Japanese hand carved wooden tray
Set of 3 matching porcelain hand painted cups saucers
Japanese red lacquer incense box
Antique Japanese treebark lacquerware box
Antique Japanese grape vine bark basket used for herb collecting