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Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Henry Noel Humphreys, "Parables of our Lord" printed 1847, New York,D. Appleton edition. 2000 of these books were printed in 1947 and, of those, 1000 were printed with D. Appleton title page. Front and Back book covers are made of Paper-Mache boards covered with elaborately carved black plaster. 31 pages plus the title page are multi-colored chromolithographed, illuminated with each page having a different design...
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Asian Ethnic Artifacts
This old tourist travel booklet describes the many places to visit in Mozambique while it was a colony under Portuguese rule. 46 pages ...size 5.5 x 8.75 inches .... There are about 40 black and white photos including one 22 inch long foldout of the capital city of Lourenco Marques. 3 color photos...lions, zebras, and elephants. This booklet is a treasure chest of information for anyone interested in African History