Asian ethnic minority artifacts textiles, tribal arts, primitive Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Chinese Ethnic Minority Yao silver necklace an earrings
Mans ceremonial pectorial Papua New Guinea
Tibetan belt with beads, cowrie shells and turquoise
Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority Silver drinking horn
papau new guinea carved wood mask
Pair of Japanese Young Woman Geta shoes
large saltillo serape blanket
3 African Nigerian Yoruba tribe wood carved hair combs
Vintage Silk Varanasi Indian Wedding Sari
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Chinese Yao Ethnic Minority necklace
Tibetan beaded belt with cowrie shells, turquoise
African Kalahari Bushmen young girls
Chinese vintage pair of hand painted ivory napkin rings
Kara’wut Boar's tusk, shell ornament Papua New Guinea
Collection of 6 Hmong Embroidered Collars Thailand
Japanese Nested Lacquer Boxes
Vintage Woven backpack from the Philippines
Chinese Dong Ethnic Minority Child's Hat