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This antique custom made two-person saddle is a masterpiece and is similar to the one that was in the Napoléon collection at the Monaco Museum, Principality of Monaco. The craftsmanship is so finely executed in the metal work with the incising of the brass and silver, over a wood frame with iron supports. The front section is with silver open work over copper and with brass, which was added after the silver, the brass and silver are finely etched with a scrolled detail, and the finely crafted finial is dome-shaped with delicate spires that are alternating with a braided effect, and a brass bead at the top. The mid- section is silver inlay bordered by brass that is etched, and the last section is as elaborate as the first section with silver over the copper and brass overlaid with fine incising throughout. The reverse of the last section is more elaborate than the reverse sides of the other sections. The sides of the wood frame are inset with a brass stylized floral motif. Age: 1798-1801 - Size: 52.25” long (Custom made acrylic box and wood base)

Napoléon Bonaparte used dromedary camels in his military campaign, since the animals were an efficient mode of travel in the desert, and could carry large amounts of cargo. Specialized equipment such as this saddle was needed to properly outfit the camels for military use, and was made in Egypt. The Regiment des Dromedaires was created upon the arrival of Napoleon’s military in Egypt on January 1798, the campaigns lasted until1801.