Strait's Antiques selling Hocking, Jeannette, Hazel AtlasSTRAIT'S ANTIQUES
We have been depression glass dealers and collectors since the early 1970s. We have a lot of glass not listed. If you have an interest in anything you do not see, feel free to email requests.

We deal in a variety of elegant glass including Cambridge, Fostoria, New Martinsville, Tiffin, etc.

The kitchen glass has always been a favorite of ours. We have an extensive line of it, in addition to our personal collection.

Westmoreland Glass was three hours from our home. We toured the factory before it closed and have an exceptionally large inventory of Westmoreland, not only milk glass, but painted, ruby flashed, their different glass colored items, etc. We personally have over 200 of their glass animals in our collection and many more for sale.


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