A Miniature Blue & White Kangxi Export Porcelain Vase, c. 1700.
Antique Nias People Ceremonial Shell Bracelet, Indonesia c. 1900.
A Set of Six Antique Ottoman Silver Niello Zarf Cups with Tughra Mark.
Antique Chinese Pierced Silver Archer's Thumb Ring, Marked.
An Antique Indo-Persian Silver Damascend Steel Pandan Box.
Small Qajar Pierced Metal Hanging Lamp, Persia c. 1900.
Chinese Carving Bamboo Figure of Peasant with Pipe.
Antique Turkmen Gourd Snuff Flask with Gilt Silver & Carnelian.
Old or Antique Seal Fur Inuit Bag with Mosaic Decoration.
Antique Chinese Kingfisher Feather Hair Ornament w. Bats & Pin, Qing.
Antique Chinese Kingfisher Feather Hair Ornament & Pins, Qing.
Three Fine Chinese Trade Botanical Paintings on Paper, Early 19h C.
Ottoman Empire Composite Embroidery Cover Panel, 19th C.
An Antique Indo Persian Silk Brocade Cover.
Persian Qajar Embroidered Figural Panel from Isfahan, c. 1910.
Devotionlal Painting "Ecce Homo" on Vellum w. Silk Embroidery, 18th C.
Embroidered Silk Cope Hood Orphrey w. Saint Michael, 17th or Earlier.
Fine Antique Silk Needlework Embroidery Memorial Picture, 1826.