Old Oriental Metal Jewelry Mold with Makara Heads.
Old Oriental Metal Jewelry Mold with Birds.
Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Saucer w. Garden Fence
Single Qajar Papier-Mache Nas Card with Prince & Attendants, # 4
Single Qajar Papier-Mache Playing Card with Mother, # 4
Two Old Indonesian "Mamuli" Earrings or Pendants.
Old Chinese Silver Belt Buckle in Coin Shape, c. 1930.
Old "Mamuli" Silver Earring or Pendant, Indonesia.
Multan Silver Enamel Champleve Amulet Necklace.
Old Turkoman Woman's Cap Silver Ornament - "Canne".
Japanese Erotic Shunga Painting "August", Meiji.
Fine Japanese Inlaid Bronze Figure of Kannon, Signed.
Antique Chinese Lotus Shoe as Pin Cushion.
Chinese Export Silver Bowling Trophy by Wang Hing.
Afghan Painted Hunting Cloth "Chireh".
Old Persian or Indian Embroidered Wool Shawl.
Two Chinese Album Leaves from Painting Manual, 18th.
Persian Qalamkar Block-Printed Cotton Cover, c. 1900.