Chinese Embroidery Rank Badge Background, late Qing.
A Pair Chinese Manchu Women's Shoes, late Qing.
Antique Chinese Sandalwood Glove Stretcher.
Kaoru Kawano Woodblock Print - Girl with Flowers.
French Indochine Gilt Silver Parasol Handle with Dragon, Early 20th C.
Japanese Nihonga Painting by Suda Kyochu, c. 1950.
An Antique Indian Katar Dagger with Sheath, 19th C.
Chinese Embroidery Rank Badge of the 4th Rank, Qing.
Assorted Lot of Chinese Export Silver, c. 1900.
Early 20th C. Chinese Export Silver Basket w. Openwork.
Lot of 3 Japanese Bamboo Page Turner, Meiji / Taisho.
Chinese Export Silver Cake Shovel w. Bamboo, c. 1900.
4 Chinese Silver Spoons for Export to Japan, c. 1900.
Six Japanese Silver Spoons with Figural Handles, Meiji.
Old Japanese Silver Belt Buckle with Dragon.
Group of 12 Chinese Silver Spoons, c. 1920.
Chinese Export Silver Cigarette Case w. Bamboo, c. 1900
A Pair Japanese Satsuma Vases by Hotoda, Meiji.