Javanese Batik Picture with Wayang Theater Puppet, c. 1920.
Rare Javanese Peranakan Bridal Batik Sarung with Gilding, c. 1910-20.
Japanese Kyoto Shippo Cloisonne Enamel Koro, Meiji.
Antique Chinese Gold Embroidered Silk Scent Pouch, Qing.
Old Chinese Agate Carving of Taoist Immortal Magu, c. 1950.
Old Chinese Agate Carving Group of Birds with Flowers, c. 1950.
Chinese Pierced Mother of Pearl Shell Plaque with Magu, c. 1900.
Three Small Chinese Export Silver Cups Marked "KC", 19th C.
Large Antique Persian Ceramic Tile with Birds and Roses.
A Fine Pair Japanese Shippo Cloisonne Vases by Takahara, Meiji.
Two Chinese Embroidered Silk Roundels w. Peking Knot, 19th C.
Antique Indo-Persian Silk Embroidered Wool Cover in Kashmir Style.
Antique Chinese Embroidered Child's Silk Hat, Qing Dynasty.
Old Islamic Persian Solid Silver Tray with Deers, Marked.
Two Old Chinese Gilt Hairpins with Jade.
Rare Chinese School Miniature Painting of Meiren, 19th C.
Japanese Hand-Colored Albumen Photograph Cabinet Card, 1890's.
Antique Photograph Cabinet Card of Family by Sze Yuen-Ming, c. 1910.