Antique Indian Silver Shiva Lingam Amulet Box Pendant with Chain.
Ancient Korean Chinese Horse-Shaped Bronze Belt Buckle, c. 3rd C.
Antique Persian Qajar Bronze Torch Stand "Mash'al", c. 19th C.
Two Chinese Longquan Celadon Ceramic Jarlets, Yuan / Ming.
Antique Turkmen Yomut Ensi Rug with Eagle Elem, 19th C.
Antique Chinese Pewter Wine Ewer, Qing.
Antique Pair Chinese Embroidered Silk Childs Boots Shoes, Late Qing.
A Pair of Antique Chinese Embroidered Silk Lotus Shoes, Late Qing.
Antique Thai Silver Offerring Stem Dish or Toh Stand.
Complete Ottoman Turkish Style Clay Pipe w. Mounting.
Signed Japanese Sterling Silver Vase with Flowers, Early 20th C.
Antique Japanese Silk Embroidery Hanging w. Temple & Bridge, Meiji.
Fine Persian Papier-Mache Lacquer Qalamdan w. Noblewoman, 19th C.
Fine Persian Papier-Mache Lacquer Qalamdan, signed Ja'Far'Ali, c. 1860
Fine Persian Papier-Mache Lacquer Qalamdan w. Nobleman & Ladies, 19th
A Pair Chinese Wucai Porcelain Jarlets w. Covers, Transitional Period.
Two Chinese "Famille Verte" Porcelain Cups & Saucers, Yongzheng.
A Pair Chinese Moulded Porcelain Brush Washers, Late Qing.