Large Malay Brunei Ritual Bronze Kettle with Animal Motifs, c. 1920.
Four Framed Indian Paintings of Mughal Emperors, Murshidabad 19th C.
Rare Antique 24 Pieces Chinese Export Silver Fish Flatware Set, 19th C
Four Japanese Miniature Laquered Wood Theatre Masks, Edo Period.
A Set Tibetan Wool Horse Saddle Rugs Makden / Masho, Early 20th C.
A Pair Chinese Wucai Porcelain Jarlets w. Covers, Transitional Period.
Large Japanese Painted Cut Velvet Textile Hanging w. Watermill, Meiji.
A rare Tausug Tapestry Silk Sash Textile, Sulu Philippines No. 3.
Altered Chinese Embroidered Chao Fu Skirt w. Dragons, late Qing.
Himalayan Buddhist Gilt Copper Repousse Torana Fragment, 19th C.
Small Japanese Lacquer Incense Burner Koro, Edo Period.
Fine Japanese Inlaid Bronze Figure of Kannon, Signed.
Rare Javanese Peranakan Bridal Batik Sarung with Gilding, c. 1910-20.
Antique Burmese Parabaik Manuscript Lacquer Leporello Book, c. 1900.
A Bronze Figure of Buddha Shakyamuni, Laos 17th/18th C.
Rare Antique Uzbek Susani Prayer Arch Embroidery, c. 1900.
Pair of Chinese Export Oil Paintings w. Ships, 19th C.
Indian Bronze Monster Mask of a Demon Chaser, 19th C.