Japanese Miniature Bronze Table Screen with Crane & Kirins, 19th C.
Fine Japanese Inlaid Bronze Figure of Kannon, Signed.
A Pair Chinese Silver Incense Stick Holders with Dragons, 19th C.
Antique Indian Silver Inlaid Bidri Ware Spitoon with Poppy Motifs.
Antique Chinese Canton Ruby-Red Enamel Bowl, Qing Dynasty.
Antique Chinese Yixing Jar for Thai Market, 18th /19th
3 Historical Photographs from Colonial Burma, 19th C.
A Pair Chinese Embroidered Manchu Shoes, 19th C.
Antique Small Japanese Kutani Mokubei Style Porcelain Pitcher.
Japanese Wood Mask Netsuke of Otafuku or Okame # 1, 19th C.
Antique Malay People Songket Brocade Textile, Indonesia c. 1900.
Antique Chinese Dragon Jade Belt Hook, 18th / 19th C.
Rare Small Chinese Enamelled Stoneware Tazza, 19th C.
Antique Chinese Carved Bamboo Brush Pot Bitong w. Poem, 19th C.
Fine Chinese School Erotic Gouache Painting, Qing Dynasty.
Chinese Figural Export Porcelain Wall Pocket, 19th C.
Large Antique Indian Kashmir Tinned Copper Presentation Cup, 19th C.
Antique Colonial Indian Silver Parasol Handle with Ascetics, 1896.