Two Historical Photographs from Colonial Burma, 19th C.
Japanese Stag Antler Sashi Netsuke of Ashinaga, 18/19th
Chinese Hinged Triple Silver Snuff or Medicine Bottle, c. 1900
Japanese Carved Boxwood Okimono of Gama Sennin, 19th C.
A Chinese Man's Informal Summer Silk Robe, 19th C.
A Pair Chinese Export Silver Spill Vases by Wang Hing, c. 1900.
A Pair Antique Kashmir Gilt Copper Jars with Enamel, India 19th C.
Small Himalayan Copper Gau Prayer Box with Tsakli of Green Tara.
Set of Yellow Canton Enamel Cups & Saucers with Bowl, China 19th C.
Antique Nepalese Wooden Stele of Deity, 19th C. or Earlier.
Interesting Antique Chinese Top Horse Saddle Rug or Seating Mat.
Japanese Cloisonne Enamel "Arrow Toss" Vase, 19th C.
Antique Indian Chambu Lota with Avatars of Vishnu.
Four Framed Indian Paintings of Mughal Emperors, Murshidabad 19th C.
Antique Japanese Noh or Kyogen Wood Mask, Meiji or Edo Period.
Single Chinese Embroidered Silk Sleeve Band w. Butterflies, 19th C.
Five Chinese School Paintings w. Torture Scenes on Bodhi Tree Leaves
Chinese Bodhi Tree Leaf Buddhist Painting as Table Screen, 19th C.