Indian Bronze Monster Mask of a Demon Chaser, 19th C.
Two Chinese Embroidered Silk Roundels w. Peking Knot, 19th C.
Antique Indian Miniature Bronze Figurine of Balakrishna, 18th/19th C.
Mother-of-Pearl Inlaid Wood Cross, Macau, Vietnam, China, 18th/19th C.
Small Indian Devotional Facial Mask - Mukhavta.
Rare Antique 24 Pieces Chinese Export Silver Fish Flatware Set, 19th C
4 Historical Photographs from Colonial Burma, 19th C.
Pair of Chinese Moulded Miniature Porcelain Vases w. Immortals, 19th C
Two Small Antique Chinese Paintings on Silk, Qing.
Two Albumen Photographic Prints of Japan, 1870/80.
Anglo Indian Baluchari Silk Sari Kashmir Shawl Assemblage No.3, 19th C
Japanese Doll's Armor Set for Gogatsu Ningyo, 19th C.
Antique Japanese Silk Brocade Ritual Temple Banner.
Chinese Carved Amethyst Snuff Bottle, c. 1900.
Himalayan Buddhist Gilt Copper Repousse Torana Fragment, 19th C.
Anglo Indian Sandalwood Photo Frame with Sadeli.
Chinese Silk Purse with Peking Knot Embroidery.
Antique Japanese Hirado Porcelain Netsuke of Karako, 19th C.