Antique Chinese Gilt Silver Hairpin, Marked.
Ceylonese Brass and Copper Betel Lime Container, 19th C.
Early & Fine Small Japanese Satsuma-Style Vase, 19th C.
Large Chinese Carved Bamboo Brush pot, 19th C.
Fine Kashmir Gilt Bronze Teapot with Enamel, 19th C.
An Antique Indian Katar Dagger with Sheath, 19th C.
Chinese Red Overlay Snowflake Glass Snuff Bottle w. Chilong, c. 1900.
3 Historical Photographs from Colonial Burma, 19th C.
Two Antique Wooden Tibetan Ritual Offering Torma Stands.
Antique Pair of Japanese "bira-bira" Kanzashi Hair Ornaments, 19th C.
Keisai Eisen - "Two Women walking along the Sumidagawa"
4 Historical Photos from Java, Batavia, 19th C.
Antique Batak Shaman's Leather & Brass Bag "Salipi", Sumatra.
Japanese Wood Mask Netsuke of Okame # 3, 19th C.
Pair of Chinese Export Oil Paintings w. Ships, 19th C.
Antique Japanese Kakiemon Porcelain Dish with Kirin, Edo Period.
Three Fine Chinese Trade Botanical Paintings on Paper, Early 19h C.
Fine Chinese Trade Painting on Paper of a Manchu Lady, Early 19th C.