Iron Tsuba, Japan, Edo period. Signed.
Iron Tsuba with Dragons, Japan, Edo period.
Copper Plaque, South India, 19th C.
Elegant Japanese Ando Cloisonne Enamel Vase, Meiji.
Old Japanese Banko Style Ware Figurine of a Fish Seller
Large Chinese Carved Bamboo Brush pot, 19th C.
Large Japanese Satsuma Box, Signed, Meiji.
Antique Chinese Lady's Informal Silk Jacket, Late Qing.
Japanese Silk Brocade Obi with Fans and Ducks, Taisho Meiji.
Chinese Longquan Celadon Jar, Yuan/Ming.
Chinese Bamboo Figure of Shoulao, Qing.
Perspective Print of Guangzhou (Canton), 18th C.
Antique Japanese Iron Tsuba with Chrysanthemum, Edo P.
Antique Japanese Sukashi Tsuba, Signed, Edo Period
Chinese Sleeve Band with Peking Knot Embroidery, Qing.
Fragment of a Woven Mang Pao Silk Gauze Court Dress, late Qing.
Two Historical Photographs from Colonial Burma, 19th C.
3 Historical Photographs from Colonial Burma, 19th C.