Single Chinese Embroidered Silk Sleeve Band w. Butterflies, 19th C.
Single Chinese Blanc-de-Chine Joss Stick Holder Dog of Fo, Kangxi.
A Bronze Figure of Buddha Shakyamuni, Laos 17th/18th C.
Antique Kashmir Lacquered Papier-Mache Vase, 19th C.
Large Antique Japanese Pottery Vase with Bamboo Weave, c. 1900.
Japanese Ginbari Cloisonne Vase with Chrysanthemun, Meiji.
Antique Japanese Conical Ido-Style Chawan Tea Bowl with Seal.
Two Thai Silver Stem Offering Bowls.
French Indochine Exclusive Silver Bracelet Cuff, Early 20th C.
Chinese Canton Enamel Bowl & Saucer w. Lotus Scrolls, 18th/19th C.
A Pair Small Chinese Lions Boxwood Carvings, late Qing.
Chinese Album Leaf Woodblock Print "Yuzhi Gengzhi tu", Qing.
Antique Balinese Wood Carving Statue of "Buta Nawasari", c. 1920.
Early 20th C. Chinese Scholar Paktong Ink Box Incised with Plants.
Antique Japanese Figural Scroll Weight of a Dancer.
A Pair Chinese Export Silver Spill Vases by Wang Hing, c. 1900.
A Pair Chinese Silver Incense Stick Holders with Dragons, 19th C.
Three Fine Chinese Trade Botanical Paintings on Paper, Early 19h C.