Antique Indian Silver Shiva Lingam Amulet Box Pendant with Chain.
An Antique Koftgari Silver Damascend Steel Pandan Box, North India.
Antique Kashmir Lacquered Papier-Mache Vase, 19th C.
Two Antique Wooden Tibetan Ritual Offering Torma Stands.
Early 20th C. Indian Fish Shaped Wood Paduka with Brass Wire.
Portrait of Indian Woman by Artist S.B. Rawoot, Watercolor dated 1916.
Antique Islamic Mughal Brass or Bronze Ewer, 18th / 19th C.
Antique Indian Pair of Enameled Brass Vases with Carnation Tendrils.
Antique Indian Dhal Bronze Shield with Enamel, c. 1900.
Antique Colonial Indian Silver Parasol Handle with Ascetics, 1896.
Ceylonese Brass and Copper Betel Lime Container, 19th C.
Antique Indian Bronze Altar of Vishnu with Consorts.
Indian Miniature Bronze Statue of Goddess Sri Devi.
Indian Bronze Monster Mask of a Demon Chaser, 19th C.
Antique Indian Chambu Lota with Avatars of Vishnu.
Collection of 6 Indian Bronze Ritual Spoons "Pali".
Indian Miniature Bronze Altar w. Ganesha, Maharashtra.
Small Indian Devotional Facial Mask - Mukhavta.