Antique Japanese Buddhist Gilt Copper Temple Hanging "Keman".
Signed Antique Japanese Bronze Okimono of a Man, Meiji / Taisho.
Antique Japanese Embossed Gold Leather Bag, 18th/19th C.
Two Japanese Imari Porcelain Cups & Saucers, c. 1700.
A Rare Pair of Japanese Kakiemon Style Arita Porcelain Vases, Meiji.
A Rare Pair of Japanese Arita Ko Imari Porcelain Dishes, 18th C.
Antique Small Japanese Kutani Mokubei Style Porcelain Pitcher.
Signed Japanese Bronze Okimono of a Bijin, Meiji / Taisho.
Antique Japanese Figural Scroll Weight of a Dancer.
Antique Japanese Conical Ido-Style Chawan Tea Bowl with Seal.
Japanese Ginbari Cloisonne Vase with Chrysanthemun, Meiji.
Large Antique Japanese Pottery Vase with Bamboo Weave, c. 1900.
Japanese Kyoto Shippo Cloisonne Enamel Koro, Meiji.
A Fine Pair Japanese Shippo Cloisonne Vases by Takahara, Meiji.
Japanese Hand-Colored Albumen Photograph Cabinet Card, 1890's.
Early & Fine Small Japanese Satsuma-Style Vase, 19th C.
Antique Japanese Kutani Porcelain Okimono "Bijin with Puppy", Meiji.
Antique Photograph Cabinet Card of Mother w. Child by Tamemasa.
Japanese Hand-Colored Albumen Photograph Cabinet Card, 1890's.
Two Albumen Photographic Prints of Japan, 1870/80.
Japanese Imari Porcelain Vase & Cover with Bronze Mounts, Edo.
Antique Pair of Japanese "bira-bira" Kanzashi Hair Ornaments, 19th C.
Two Antique Japanese Kanzashi Hairpins.
Collection of Six Japanese Mixed Metal Buttons, Meiji.
Antique Japanese Kakiemon Porcelain Dish with Kirin, Edo Period.
Pair of Japanese Blue & White Seto Porcelain Vases by Kato Zenji III.
Japanese Wood Mask Netsuke of Okame # 3, 19th C.
Japanese Wood Mask Netsuke of Otafuku or Okame # 1, 19th C.
Four Antique Japanese Miniature Satsuma Vases, Signed.
Pair of Japanese Lacquer Wood Sumitsubo, Reel for Ink Line, Meiji.
Antique Japanese Noh or Kyogen Wood Mask, Meiji or Edo Period.
Antique Japanese Hirado Porcelain Netsuke of Karako, 19th C.
Hiroshige - Act VI of "Chushingura" Woodblock Print.
Toyokuni I Utagawa - Japanese Woodblock Print, c. 1800
Keisai Eisen - "Two Women walking along the Sumidagawa"
Japanese Doll's Armor Set for Gogatsu Ningyo, 19th C.