Fine Syrian Silver Inlaid Cairoware Mamluk Revival Vase, 19th C.
An Ottoman Brass Tulip Candlestick, Turkey 17th C.
Antique Persian Qajar Bronze Torch Stand "Mash'al", c. 19th C.
Antique Turkmen Yomut Ensi Rug with Eagle Elem, 19th C.
Complete Ottoman Turkish Style Clay Pipe w. Mounting.
Fine Persian Papier-Mache Lacquer Qalamdan w. Noblewoman, 19th C.
Fine Persian Papier-Mache Lacquer Qalamdan, signed Ja'Far'Ali, c. 1860
Fine Persian Papier-Mache Lacquer Qalamdan w. Nobleman & Ladies, 19th
Antique Silver Inlaid Mamluk Revival Cairoware Box, Egypt or Syria.
Fine Antique Zoroastrian Silk Embroidery Textile Panel, Persia / India
Wonderful Persian Round Rasht Silk Applique Embroidery Cover, 19th C.
An Antique Syrian Enamelled Copper Box, 19th C.
A Set of Six Antique Ottoman Silver Niello Zarf Cups with Tughra Mark.
Small Qajar Pierced Metal Hanging Lamp, Persia c. 1900.
An Antique Indo Persian Silk Brocade Cover.
Persian Qajar Embroidered Figural Panel from Isfahan, c. 1910.
An Antique Persian Qajar Fritware Plate with Bird.
An Antique Persian Qajar Pottery Saucer w. Calligraphy, Dated.