Antique 19th C. Persian Copper Bowl with Figures, Qajar.
Antique Persian Carved Wooden Sherbet Spoon with Inscriptions.
Antique Ottoman Empire Composite Tapestry Prayer Cloth Panel.
Three Silver Inlaid Mamluk Revival Cairoware Vessels, Egypt or Syria.
Two Small Indo Persian Sialkot Gold Koftgari Steel Vase and Jug.
Persian Brocade Textile Fragment, 18th/19th C.
Persian Silk Brocade Textile Cover with Boteh, 18th/19th C.
Small Persian Qajar Box with "Rose & Nightingale" Motif, 19th C.
Antique Moroccan Silver Gun Cartridge or Flint Box.
Persian Qajar Steel Qalamdan Pen Box w. "False Damascene", 19th C.
Persian Qajar Papier-Mache Qalamdan w. Virgin Mary & Jesus, 19th C.
Persian Qajar Lacquer Papier-Mache Qalamdan w. "gul-u-bulbul", 19th C.
Antique Indian Gold Thread Silk Brocade Textile.
Antique Ottoman Gold Embroidered Scarf or Yaglik.
A Pair Etched Islamic Brass Vases w. Calligraphy, c. 1920.
An Antique Ottoman Intarsia Hand Mirror w. Mother-of-Pearl.
Antique Silver & Copper Inlaid Cairoware Jar, Egypt.
Two Antique Ottoman Tophane Clay Pipes, Turkey.