Old Thai Ceramic Jar with "King Rama V." Medaillon, 20th C.
Fine African Tribal Anthropomorph Heddle Pulley, ex Coll. Graffenried.
African Tribal Anthropomorph Wood Heddle Pulley, ex Coll. Graffenried.
Beautiful Chinese Celadon Jade Carving of a Meiren, 20th C.
Old Chinese Agate Carving of Taoist Immortal Magu, c. 1950.
Old Chinese Agate Carving Group of Birds with Flowers, c. 1950.
Chinese Gilt Lacquered Wood Figure of Buddha, Republic Period.
Old Islamic Persian Solid Silver Tray with Deers, Marked.
Two Old Chinese Gilt Hairpins with Jade.
Japanese Blue Silk Kimono w. Dyeing and Embroidery, c. 1940
Japanese Silk Kimono w. Dyeing and Embroidery, c. 1940.
Blue Japanese Silk Kimono w. Embroidery and Family Crest, c. 1940.
Balinese Ritual Silver Offering Bowl "Lelancang", 1st Half 20th C..
Three Chinese Silver & Enamel Pendants or Charms, c. 1960.
Chinese Vermeil Silver Filigree Jewelry Set w. Carved Cinnabar Lacquer
Vintage Chinese Vermeil Silver Filigree Bracelet w. Bats in Enamel.
Vintage Chinese Silver Filigree Bracelet w. Enamel and Tiger Eye.
Collection of 4 Old Embroidered Chinese Minority Children's Hats.