Pierced Indonesia Yogya Silver Dish or Bonbonniere, Yogyakarta c. 1930
Rare Set of Eight Old Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppets "Ringgits", Bali.
Old Balinese Woodcarving Statue of Lord Ganesha, c. 1940.
Two Old Cambodian Figural Silver Betel Boxes in Quail Shape, c. 1950.
Two Old Cambodian Figural Silver Betel Boxes in Rabbit Form, c. 1950.
Old Malay Minangkabau Brass Bottle Vase, Sumatra-Indonesia.
Old Javanese Wooden Wayang Topeng Theater Mask of a Prince.
By Vietnamese Photographer Huong Ky: Two Men Smoking, c. 1930
Vietnamese Bronze Bust of Southeast Asian Girl with Crown, c. 1950.
Three Old Wooden Wayang Topeng Dance Masks, Bali & Java.
Set of 3 Old Silvered Metal Offering Vessels, Maranao - Philippines.
Lot of 4 Small Cambodian Silver Betel Boxes in Animal Shape.
Two Old Indonesian "Mamuli" Earrings or Pendants.
Old "Mamuli" Silver Earring or Pendant, Indonesia.
Old Balinese Pair of Wooden Book Stands, Signed.
Old Indonesian Woven Man's Cloth or Beti with Ikat, West Timor.
Bali Woodcarving: Statue of a Girl.
Old Burmese Repousse Silver Box, c. 1920.