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japanese handmade pottery
Japanese Ceramics
Handmade Ceramics from Japan
Tracy Cox
New Jersey
With 2,000 years in history, Japanese pottery is as rich and diverse as the country itself, reflecting aesthetics from different time periods and locations in Japan. The landscape of Japanese pottery today is an ever-changing one; while some artists stick to age-old techniques, others use them as stepping stones to further their imaginations, experimenting with new methods, glazing techniques, and shapes. Today, thousands of kilns, mostly scattered throughout the Japanese countryside, provide daily tableware for Japanese people. We encourage you to mix and match different types of tableware, as many of our items can be used together, enriching your dining experience. Our collection also includes vases that can be used for flower arrangements or decorative pieces, teapots, and incense burners.

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japanese handmade pottery
Tracy Cox and Ryo Iwasa, both with backgrounds in the arts, scour the Japanese countryside to find artists whose works are as creative as they are refined.
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