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Maneki Neko, Edo Period

Naka-Ochiai 2-chome
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 161-0032


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11 Standing Devas in Polychromed Wood Early-Edo Period 11 Standing Devas in Polychromed Wood Early-Edo Period
Gilt-Wood Sho-Kannon Bosatsu Bankei Early-Edo Period Gilt-Wood Sho-Kannon Bosatsu Bankei Early-Edo Period

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A Hard Focus on Japanese Stone

Antique Stones Japan deals primarily in antique Japanese stone sculpture. Our tight focus, sharpened by more than two decades' experience in the local market, enables us to offer a comprehensive selection of stones with regard to period, style, and subject. Our discerning gaze, meanwhile, ensures that each of our stones is worthy of even the finest collection.

To date, high-quality, collectible Japanese stone sculpture has been conspicuously absent from the international marketplace. Our focused approach therefore implies value-added benefits, both for serious collectors of antique stone sculpture and for those who simply wish to see and better understand the Japanese stone tradition, which remains undocumented in the non-Japanese-language literature.

Antique Stones Japan also offers a limited selection of antique Japanese wooden sculpture.
Byron Monasmith, site owner
Beyond-Jizo Encounters in Stone

The Japanese sculptural tradition in stone is more complex and intriguing than most non-Japanese observers have been led to believe. A wide variety of stone types suitable for sculpting are to be found in the Japanese isles. Jizo Bosatsu is not the only deity depicted in stone; he is, rather, merely the most commonly depicted. Although relief sculpting is the overwhelmingly dominant technique employed throughout the history of Japanese stone sculpture, fully modeled figurative sculpting also plays a role in the story. To begin to appreciate Japanese stone sculpture in its startling vastness and rich diversity, one must first peer beyond the familiar wall of commonplace Jizo stones sculpted in shallow relief against flatly overarching mandorlas. The beyond-Jizo view is one that tends to enthrall and inspire. Now, at last, it's a view that can be had simply for the taking.

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